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About us

We are a family oriented congregation and have been a part of the community since 1902.

A Brief History:

The Church of St. John the Evangelist was started in 1902 as a mission of Christ Church, Ridley Park. Services were first held in the Seaman's Library which was erected by Mrs. Charles Brock on the site of the present church as a memorial to her son who drowned in the Chesapeake River. The library was later moved forward to become a parish hall and church school facility when the present church was built in 1929. The building was funded by the diocese and dedicated January 26, 1930.

Responsibility for the mission was transferred to St. James, Prospect Park in 1944 and to the diocese in 1952. A rectory was started in 1954, and men of the parish did most of the work to finish it in time for the first full time vicar.

In 1958 St. John's achieved parish status and was admitted to convention.

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