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Deacon Joe will be preaching the 1st Sunday of the month, and also worshiping with us on the 3rd Sundays of the month. He will be assisting with pastoral care and food pantry and other outreach activities.  Deacon Joe is also assigned part-time to Christ Church, Media. We are very excited he is becoming a part of the St. John's Family!

Who is Joe German? A son, a father, a grandfather, a friend and now a deacon. The road
to the diaconate started for Joe a long time ago. He dedicated his life to serving others because
he knew that in serving them, he serves God. At the age of 13, Joe knew he wanted to be a part
of something much greater. He served others from an early age, always putting his neighbor
ahead of himself. Joe is proud to be from a blue-collar family, and a Delco boy, born and raised.
Joe’s physical size may shock some people, but people quickly come to know that his size is not
only in his stature but within his heart to serve and be with others. Whether a master’s degree
in counselling, training as a first responder, or running a family shelter, Joe brings a wealth of
knowledge (formal and practical) to his ministry. One only needs to look at his willingness to
accept the challenge and opportunity to complete his field placement in two distinctly different
settings. As a deacon in God’s church. Joe will continue to serve others and lead others to come
to know the love of God and how much God truly loves each one of us.

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